What is "rugelach"?

“Rugelach” [raw-guh-luhkh, ruhg-uh-luh] means “little twists” in Yiddish.  The pastry comes from Poland and is a cousin to the Hungarian “kifli”, Austrian “kipfel”, Polish “rogal”, and the Czech “kolache”.  Rugelach are often filled with jam, fruit and nuts as that’s what was available in the Old World.  The use of chocolate as filling was an American development from Baby Boomers. 

What is "Rugelach Rocks"?

“Pastry that pops,” Rugelach Rocks’ pastry is an Old World goodie for the modern foodie.  Each flavor has been inspired by a band or musical artist. The handcrafted creations are made to order in small batches, handpacked with fillings and a whole lot of love.  Rugelach Rocks uses only the best ingredients which you would find in your pantry.  Gluten-free, Rugelach Rocks’ line up is processed on machinery exclusively used for gluten-free products. Considered dairy, all ingredients are kosher and are used on machinery exclusively dedicated to creating Rugelach Rocks’ products.

Pandemic Precautions

All Rugelach Rocks staff is triple vaccinated. We wear masks and gloves when preparing our rockin' rugelach just as we do when preparing food for our families.

Sweet Words from our Fans

“Absolutely mind blowing!”-Guy with Purseonality


They’re so addictive! 🤯 I can’t even describe the taste tho it’s just an experience one has to try 😂” -Doctor Crummy

“I want to eat all of them!”-Adventures of APE

“These look incredible!”-Lara Sees Food

“Delicious! So many great choices!” -Son of Isaac

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