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Our Story

A child of the MTV generation, Rugelach Rocks’ founder Candy Marlo grew up in central New Jersey, heavily influenced by the talent of the music channel.  Bands such as Queen and INXS, and artists like Prince all played a heavy role in shaping who she would become.  Each act had defined personas and provided a foundation for individuality while Candy endured bullying for her theatrical character and studious nature.  

Rugelach Rocks’ Founder Candy Marlo was greatly inspired by MTV and such acts as Queen, INXS and Prince.

She lost her mother to cancer in December 2019.  As her nieces lost a female role model as a grandmother, Candy decided that she would try to fill in for her mother where she could.  She wanted to create an opportunity for them to learn about their heritage and create memories.


Rugelach Rocks’ Founder’s mother, Lois, who is the inspiration behind the pastry company.


And that’s how Rugelach Rocks came to be.


Rugelach Rock’s Founder’s maternal grandmother is the baby in this photo. The family emigrated from Russia to central New Jersey in the early 1900’s, where they lived as farmers.

Our values

Rock and roll