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“Candy” Marlo

“Candy” Marlo, known as Ms. Candy Blog, is the first candy livestreamer, a World of Wonder (Emmy winning company of RuPaul’s Drag Race) award-nominated YouTuber/live streamer, and a bestselling author.  An entrepreneur, she has created a number of properties focusing on all that is sparkly and sweet.

With a degree in English, two in theatre, and a MBA coupled with a background in corporate training, instructional design and community management, Candy has worked for such brands as Google/YouTube, Yahoo!, J.P. Morgan and American Express. 

As a candy persona, she has appeared as a subject matter expert in The New York Times, NBC and FOX, partnering with such top brands as Hershey’s, Lindt, HSN, Epix, It’Sugar, Sour Patch Kids, Sugarpova, Just Born (Peeps/Mike & Ike), Jelly Belly, Torie & Howard, Adams & Brooks (Whirly Pop) and Dorval Trading Company (Sour Power) and has been named to FeedSpot’s Top 25 Candy Websites for Candy Lovers, becoming the #1 female candy website.

Ms. Candy Blog’s award-nominated YouTube channel joined the multi-award-winning production company, World of Wonder’s network after receiving a contract in less than a week of posting her first video: a review of the RuPaul candy bar. Named Klout’s #1 female live streamer, she has been featured on Live.Me, Pocket Live, GhostCodes & MeVee, and has trended on Periscope & Hype.

In 2017, Ms. Candy Blog created Baby Drag Artists, the idea for which was inspired by RuPaul who thanked her for her work with the (LGBTQ) community at the first New York Drag Con. The first all-drag kid book was published by Baby Drag Artists in 2018, garnering rave reviews and creating fans from leaders of the LGBTQ community with front-page status on CNBC. The first drag kid live stream show and podcast, “Today’s Kids, Tomorrow’s Drag Queens” saw award nominations. As a result, the multi-award-winning production company World of Wonder inked a development deal with Ms. Candy Blog.

In response to the needs of the young drag community, Candy went on to create her first fashion line, Nail Gloves by Candy, designing nail gloves for top drag kid talent as well as adults, most notably pop icon Debbie Harry and nightlife icon Amanda Lepore. Her nail gloves appeared in Vice, The Huffington Post, and The Guardian. The company was selected to participate in HSN’s American Dreams program.

Early 2020 saw the launch of the first of three sweet-based lines, born out of Ms. Candy Blog meeting many bakers, cakers, and confectioners. Sprinkles Wear, received high praise from delighted crowds at a sell-out show at LA Cookie Con in February, 2020. Cake Purse was created in response to the global pandemic with handbags that resembled cake. Sweet Art Werk was created in the hopes of sweetening homes around the world with art pieces that delight the eye and stir up happy thoughts and memories.

Having served Tik Tok as part of Tik Tok’s Creative Learning Fund, Ms. Candy Blog has created educational videos for TikTok, ByteDance, Bansho, and Likee.

Rugelach Rocks is Candy’s first food-based venture.

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